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    Download, "Scribal Purpose: 10 Reasons Why God Has Commanded Us To Write," and a 1-hour audio teaching on the same subject. Receive Bonus Book, "The Sin of Spiritual Plagiarism: Unauthorized Vessels."
  • A community of believers exploring what it means to be a scribal prophet under "The Scribal Anointing." CLICK THE IMAGE
  • An equipping, restorative worship center for scribes and artists that meets here in the Metro Atlanta area. Find out more about who we are.
  • For four days (October 25-28), prophetic scribes will immerse themselves in prophetic teachings, interactive workshops and prophetic ministry as they uncover and explore this unique calling and purpose upon their lives.
  • Open enrollment is underway for the 2018 Certificate To Teach The Scribal Anointing Program.

Prophetic Scribes, We Are Here For You!

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Holy Spirit Scribe School

We are so thankful that Holy Spirit directed you to our pioneering school of ministry, the Voices of Christ Apostolic Prophetic School of the Scribe. This ministry grew from a rag-tag group of Holy Spirit thirsty poets who had no idea it would lead here or to you. Who knows what God has in store for you once you begin chasing after this unique calling on your life.

We have one priority here: GOD. 

It is out of this priority that we, in turn, avail ourselves to serve you. Why? Because your ministry as a scribe touches depths and realms of God's Spirit that many could never imagine! And finally, God has need of every single scribe that he has called. We are ALL significant in our respective, Holy Spirit guided metrons. Our goal at the APSOTS is to help you understand who you are as God's prophetic scribe, unlock the scribal gift within you, introduce you to your broad range of potential in this area of ministry and even, perhaps, help launch you into your purpose and destiny.

Prophetic Writing Flow: Healing Intensive

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Join us at the “Prophetic Writing Flow: Healing Intensive” on Saturday, March 31, 2018 at the Doubletree by Hilton @ Northlake. This workshop is tailored to who would like to write or who are writing HEALING STORIES about past traumatic experiences, especially in narrative or creative formats.

This all-day session is geared toward helping you get started or move forward in your writing process toward completion. Expect to have the hard questions about writing concerning intimate topics explained from a Christian perspective while experiencing demonstration through varying creative writing forms to jump start your process. Early Bird Registration is underway here.

Free Ebook & 1-Hour MP3 Teaching

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Let us bless you today! We have THREE FREE GIFTS for you that will introduce you to the ministry of the prophetic scribe: (1) The ebook, Scribal Purpose: 10 Reasons Why God Has Commanded You to Write; (2) the supporting, 1-hour audio teaching "Three Levels & 10 Reasons," and (3) BONUS EBOOK: The Sin of Spiritual Plagiarism: Unauthorized Vessels. Download Immediately.


Are you a scribal prophet?

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An interview that provides insight into what it means to be a "Scribal Prophet" in the 21st Century!

Is THIS truly Ministry? Prophetic Scribes

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Copyright 2010 Theresa Harvard Johnson

Well, scribes, I have to share this blog with you. Those who know me, know that I get right to the point. So here goes. I have received emails and posts on my social networking sites that are less than favorable concerning this area of ministry. In fact, some have been down right cruel, especially as it relates to believers who have never heard of scribal ministry.  As a result, I was prompted by Holy Spirit to write a response of sorts.


Please know that I have no reason to defend the ministry of the scribe, as God has given it to me, us. I will say that our focus on scribal ministry generally surrounds our history as it relates to temple service in the Old Covenant even though there were scribes that functioned in other capacities throughout the scripture. Further, it is important to note that those who believe they are "prophetic scribes" are in "temple service" for lack of a better phrase - meaning they have been chosen to play very specific roles in building the Kingdom. Those dedicated to temple service in the Old Covenant, paved the way for us today - revealing a rich heritage that we can reflect upon in the present day. You and I are "present day scribes," but we are still in "temple service" as our scribal ministries are poured out within the temples of men.

26 Signs of a Prophetic Scribe

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Copyright 2013 Theresa Harvard Johnson
Just as there are distinctive signs and characteristics for pastors, apostles and prophets among the congregation, there are also distinctive signs that identify set apart prophetic scribes or prophetic writers. Those distinctions, when examined individually, may not look like much but when laid out, they unveil layers and layers of The Scribal Anointing operating in the lives of believers. This list is based on more than a decade of walking out my own prophetic scribal ministry faithfully and consistently; and from nurturing and mentoring hundreds of scribes over the years. As I share these, please know that they come from a place of being a "DOER" of the Word in the midst of my scribal assignment, not just a hearer releasing revelation in this area without scribal fruit.
I pray that this list of distinctions or "SIGNS" of a prophetic scribe will bless you! Prophetic scribes:
1. Often pray, intercede or talk with God through their pen. They tend to work out the issues of their heart in their notebooks or journals – sharing secret things that only God will hear. In this place, writing has become an ear and a tool used for self deliverance, healing, impartation, contemplation, joy, building and adoration to the Father.

2017 Scribal Advance Vending Information

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Complete your vending payment for the 2017 Apostolic Prophetic Scribal Advance: Scribes & The Supernatural.




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Description of Biblical Scribes, Prophetic Scribes

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Ever wonder what roles scribes played in the Bible and what that might look like today? Check out this chart brief overview.

Biblical Roles of Prophetic Scribes