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Gathering of Artisans 2015 | Black Mountain, NC

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If you are an artist, I want to encourage you to attend the Gathering of Artisans worship arts conference. I have been to a number of worship arts events, but absolutely nothing like this! Seriously. This gathering raises the bar on so many levels.


They do not simply talk about the arts here, but the sessions are geared toward "you" actually participating in/exploring the arts. For example, in the painting courses you PAINT while you learn. If you are a writer, YOU WRITE while you learn. It's all hands-on. Best of all, you can take the scribal courses I offer AND still explore a wide range of areas in the worship arts. You can't beat the value offered! You also have time to COMPLETE projects you start... verses breezing through workshops. In addition, you get to learn from and interact with Master Artisans. Registration closes in just over two weeks, reserve your seat. Schedule your vacation around this encounter... For more info, visit: your social media marketing partner
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