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Scribes Over This City: New Orleans

2017 Scribes Over This City
Prophetic Scribes will converge in the New Orleans area on 
Saturday, March 18, 2017 for a one-day intensive workshop. If you believe God has called you as a prophetic writer, prophetic scribe or scribal minister join us to learn more about your heavenly identity, purpose and assignment in the present day congregation. This intensive will include a special session for those who are experiencing prophetic encounters through dreams and visions. Sessions are facilitated by Theresa Harvard Johnson, author of The Scribal AnointingÒ book series. (Registration is $35. Nonrefundable.)

In one, intense day we will cover:

  • What is a prophetic scribe?
  • What is the "scribal" realm of dreams and visions
  • Why prophetic scribes are receiving directives for movies, books, skits, plays, etc. from the dream realm
  • Why God is commanding His people to record or write out their dreams and visions; interpretations and prophecies from dreams
  • Identifying your specific calling as a prophetic scribe
  • Understanding the dream life of a recorder and writer
  • Understanding the dream life of scribal prophets and seers who are also prophetic scribes
  • Exploring how "prophetic scribes" dream
  • Walking through the process of identifying dream patterns?
  • The Government of the Scribe & its impact on your city

We will cover much more than what is included in the list. In addition, there will be personal prophetic ministry, and time to process what you have learned through a question and answer format. LOCATION: Fulfilling The Gospel Ministries, Apostle Reggie Wilson, 909 Garden Road, Marrero, LA.

Ezekiel 9:1-3 CJB, "Then he cried loudly right in my ears: “SUMMON THE COMMANDERS OF THE CITY, each holding his weapon of destruction.” 2 At once, six men approached on the path from the upper gate, to the north, each man holding his weapon of destruction. Among them was a man clothed in linen, WITH A SCRIBES WRITING EQUIPMENT at his waist. They entered and stood by the bronze altar. 3 Then the glory of the God of Isra’el was made to go up from over the keruv, where it had been, to the threshold of the house. HE CALLED THE MAN CLOTHED IN LINEN, WHO HAD THE SCRIBE'S WRITING EQUIPMENT at his waist."

MATTHEW 23:34 CJB, JESUS SAID: “Therefore, take notice, I am sending you prophets and wise men [interpreters, teachers] and scribes [men educated in the Mosaic Law and the writings of the prophets]; some of them you will kill and even crucify, and some you will flog in your synagogues, and pursue and persecute from city to city...."

The instruction and teaching presented will come from the book, "The Scribal Anointing: Scribes Instructed in the Kingdom of Heaven." You may purchase the book and workbook in advance or in person to go further in understanding the ministry of the present day scribe. Visit Theresa Harvard Johnson's page on Author Central.

REGISTRATION IS $35.00 + 1.35 (PayPal fee)

Event Properties

Event Date 03-18-2017 9:30 am
Event End Date 03-18-2017 4:00 am
Registration Start Date 01-11-2017
Cut off date 03-16-2017
Individual Price $36.35
Fulfilling The Gospel Ministries
909 Garden Rd, Marrero, LA 70072, USA Marrero, Louisiana 70072 United States
Fulfilling The Gospel Ministries
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