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ESDRAS' SCROLL is a prophetic, creative writing magazine. Published two times a year, the magazine focuses exclusively on sharing the heart of God with his people concerning the times and seasons in which we live. Assignments given to students in our scribe courses are published in the new release of our magazine. We also accept submissions of poetry, short devotions, prophetic words, etc. Please send an inquiry through our contact page if you are interested in having your work published.

ESDRAS' SCROLL speaks from three distinct clarion voices: (1) The heart of God, our Father, who has set the terms and conditions of sonship plainly before His people and defined the vision for His everlasting Kingdom; (2) The mind of Christ - our Lord, Savior and returning King - who has given us the keys to the Kingdom and the ministry of reconciliation, and (3) the voice of Holy Spirit whose purpose is to convict the world of sin and lead us into all truth. The writings published speak from these three areas.

ESDRAS' SCROLL features author and artist interviews as their ministries relate to God, prophetic teachings and essays, various forms of poetry, short stories, novel excerpts, short devotions and other forms of Holy Spirit inspired creative writings that encourage, exalt, edify, comfort and warn believers -- while consistently and CLEARLY recognizing Father's continuous pursuit of us. Our goal is to be catalysts for releasing the voice and vision of the Lord in the earth.


Esdras is the Greek name for Ezra. Our magazine is simply named after the him, as he is recognized as the most well-known scribe in biblical history. An entry in the Catholic Encyclopedia describes the name this way:

"Esdras is a famous priest and scribe connected with Israel's restoration after the Exile. The chief sources of information touching his life are the canonical books of Esdras and Nehemias. A group of apocryphal writings is also much concerned with him, but they can hardly be relied upon, as they relate rather the legendary tales of a later age. Esdras was of priestly descent and belonged to the line of Sardoc (Ezra 7:1-5). He styles himself 'son of Saraias' (vii, 1), an expression which is by many understood in a broad sense, as purporting that Saraias, the chief priest, spoken of in 2 Kings 25:18-21, was one of Esdras's ancestors. Nevertheless he is known rather as 'the scribe' than as 'priest': he was "a ready scribe [a scribe skilled] in the law of Moses", and therefore especially qualified for the task to which he was destined among his people."[1]

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