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Financing Your Studies

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The Voices of Christ Apostolic-Prophetic School of the Scribe accepts tuition donations for its intensive courses and workshops. Tuition donations for most courses are posted on the website. For courses like the "Certificate To Teach The Scribal Anointing Program," tuition is not publically posted. Instead, interested students must request an application packet which includes: a detailed application, course information, student agreement and details concerning tuition fees. Students may register for all other courses through the "Course Registration Menu" or "Certificate Path" options from the main menu.

For students experiencing financial hardship, we suggest taking the following steps to secure funds for your tuition donation:

  • PLAN AHEAD: Begin setting aside your fee in increments.
  • ASK LOVED ONES FOR SPONSORSHIP: Ask family, friends or even your ministry group to sponsor your course. You might request the full amount of the course or at least a $20 or more donation per individual. We have had students receive sponsorship from their family, friends and ministry community in the past. You may call them directly, reach out by email or take a more formal approach and develop a sponsorship letter.
  • ASK THOSE WITHIN YOUR NETWORK FOR SPONSORSHIP: You may also consider reaching out to other groups, employers or organizations who may be familiar with your literary ministry and your desire to grow spiritually. There are people in your life who will see and understand the passion you have for your scribal ministry.
  • APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS: Are you a member of local writing or arts group/council in your community? If so, check to see if there are special scholarships offered to offset workshop fees for online courses. 

Still have questions? Please contact us directly through our contact page. your social media marketing partner
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