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    Download, "Scribal Purpose: 10 Reasons Why God Has Commanded Us To Write," and a 1-hour audio teaching on the same subject. Receive Bonus Book, "The Sin of Spiritual Plagiarism: Unauthorized Vessels."
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    A community of believers exploring what it means to be a scribal prophet under "The Scribal Anointing." CLICK THE IMAGE
  • An equipping, restorative worship center for scribes and artists that meets here in the Metro Atlanta area. Find out more about who we are.
  • For four days (October 25-28), prophetic scribes will immerse themselves in prophetic teachings, interactive workshops and prophetic ministry as they uncover and explore this unique calling and purpose upon their lives.
  • Open enrollment is underway for the 2018 Certificate To Teach The Scribal Anointing Program.

Distinctive Call & Signs of a Scribal Prophet

Category: Potential APSOTS Students

Copyright 2013 Theresa Harvard Johnson

In a previous article, I was able to address 26 Signs of a Prophetic Scribe in great detail. Now, it’s time to build upon that foundation and discuss the signs of a scribal prophet. Before jumping into the list there are three things that we need to establish:


1.      A scribal prophet is indeed a prophet called and sent by God to operate fully in that Ephesians 4:11 office for the purpose equipping the Body and maturing the saints. This means that those moving in this area should be mature, stable in the faith. The scribal prophet isn’t a separate or different gift from the prophet; rather, it is a distinct function that flows from the foundational call or office that is more prevalent than other areas. In other words, it has become God’s preferred vehicle through which He administrates the office of the prophet in this person’s life.


2.      The scribal prophet is not limited to the function of writing. Because The Scribal AnointingÒ is so broad and diverse, the ministry of the scribal prophet crosses into all areas of the scribal ministry (Numbers 11) – instructionally, administratively and creatively. There will, however, generally be one area that is magnified above all others in the course of that scribal prophet’s journey.

Becoming A Student

Category: Potential APSOTS Students
Scribe School Studies

Many of God’s people have walked the halls of the Voices of Christ Apostolic-Prophetic School of the Scribe since it officially launched with our first course of study in late 2010. Before this time, our courses were generally taught through writing conferences of which the first one was held in 2003. The courses offered will include online courses as well as on-site scribe schools.

We believe we offer an unparalleled, spiritually sound educational experience for Father's scribes, many of whom are exploring the depths of the prophetic. Scribes come from all walks of life and denominations. Some are very seasoned ministers with a vast knowledge of the Word of God and many years of experience. Others may be new to their faith journey or new to grasping hold of the prophetic. The amazing thing about the APSOTS, however, is that our courses are taught from a perspective in which anyone can learn. Holy Spirit meets every student where they are in their spiritual growth and maturation process. Our students cross the boundaries of traditional definitions of “scribe,” and generally operate in some capacity administratively, instructionally and creatively.

Why become a student in our scribe school?

Category: Potential APSOTS Students

Are you looking for a place to explore the call to write prophetically that is upon your life? Are you a person who wakes up in the middle of the night with prophecies, poetry, articles, etc. just flowing from your spirit? Are you experiencing an inward pressure to record the things you believe God is speaking to your heart? Or maybe you are in need of answers concerning your spiritual walk as a writer that up to now, you have not been able to obtain?


If so, this might be the right school for you. The Voices of Christ Apostolic Prophetic School of the Scribe exists to meet the needs of a specific population of believers who earnestly believe they they are called to write, create or administrate the secret things God reveals to their heart.


We are hear to help affirm you in knowing, "You are not strange and you are not alone." We are here to help strengthen you in your gifting and calling, and provide the support system you need to begin or continue this very unique journey as a Scribe of the King.