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  • An equipping, restorative worship center for scribes and artists that meets here in the Metro Atlanta area. Find out more about who we are.
  • For four days (October 25-28), prophetic scribes will immerse themselves in prophetic teachings, interactive workshops and prophetic ministry as they uncover and explore this unique calling and purpose upon their lives.
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Becoming A Student

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Scribe School Studies

Many of God’s people have walked the halls of the Voices of Christ Apostolic-Prophetic School of the Scribe since it officially launched with our first course of study in late 2010. Before this time, our courses were generally taught through writing conferences of which the first one was held in 2003. The courses offered will include online courses as well as on-site scribe schools.

We believe we offer an unparalleled, spiritually sound educational experience for Father's scribes, many of whom are exploring the depths of the prophetic. Scribes come from all walks of life and denominations. Some are very seasoned ministers with a vast knowledge of the Word of God and many years of experience. Others may be new to their faith journey or new to grasping hold of the prophetic. The amazing thing about the APSOTS, however, is that our courses are taught from a perspective in which anyone can learn. Holy Spirit meets every student where they are in their spiritual growth and maturation process. Our students cross the boundaries of traditional definitions of “scribe,” and generally operate in some capacity administratively, instructionally and creatively.

To become a student, you simply need a willing heart, a teachable Spirit, a thirst for understanding and desire for to KNOW God.


When God leads His people to us, we find ourselves standing at the door with arms wide open and declaring: “There is more to the ministry of the scribe than you could ever imagine.” 1 Corinthians 2:8 CJB states, “But, as the Tanakh says, No eye has seen, no ear has heard and no one's heart has imagined all the things that God has prepared for those who love him.”


  • Becoming a student within the APSOTS is not about taking a class; but embarking upon a journey that has the potential to transform how you relate to God. What students learn here is applicable in every area of their lives.
  • Becoming a student is not about academic achievement, although we desire everyone to do well in their studies. It is growing in your commitment and love for God as the scriptures declare; and developing a deeper love the people of God. Remember, in all things we are charged with duplicating the ministry of Christ in the hearts of men.

  • Becoming a student is equivalent to taking a stand against the academic systems of Babylon and saying, I am now ready to view my ministry calling as God sees it. While developing skill in one’s craft is necessary, scribes in our school are centered on developing a right heart and a right Spirit toward God and His will. They seek to find themselves in the depth of his Word.

The APSOTS was sent for such a time as this.

Ezekiel 9:1-2 CJB states, Then he cried loudly right in my ears: Summon the commanders of the city, each holding his weapon of destruction. At once, six men approached on the path from the upper gate, to the north, each man holding his weapon of destruction. Among them was a man clothed in linen, with a scribe's writing equipment at his waist. They entered and stood by the bronze altar.” your social media marketing partner
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