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    Download, "Scribal Purpose: 10 Reasons Why God Has Commanded Us To Write," and a 1-hour audio teaching on the same subject. Receive Bonus Book, "The Sin of Spiritual Plagiarism: Unauthorized Vessels."
  • A community of believers exploring what it means to be a scribal prophet under "The Scribal Anointing." CLICK THE IMAGE
  • An equipping, restorative worship center for scribes and artists that meets here in the Metro Atlanta area. Find out more about who we are.
  • For four days (October 25-28), prophetic scribes will immerse themselves in prophetic teachings, interactive workshops and prophetic ministry as they uncover and explore this unique calling and purpose upon their lives.
  • Open enrollment is underway for the 2018 Certificate To Teach The Scribal Anointing Program.

Why become a student in our scribe school?

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Are you looking for a place to explore the call to write prophetically that is upon your life? Are you a person who wakes up in the middle of the night with prophecies, poetry, articles, etc. just flowing from your spirit? Are you experiencing an inward pressure to record the things you believe God is speaking to your heart? Or maybe you are in need of answers concerning your spiritual walk as a writer that up to now, you have not been able to obtain?


If so, this might be the right school for you. The Voices of Christ Apostolic Prophetic School of the Scribe exists to meet the needs of a specific population of believers who earnestly believe they they are called to write, create or administrate the secret things God reveals to their heart.


We are hear to help affirm you in knowing, "You are not strange and you are not alone." We are here to help strengthen you in your gifting and calling, and provide the support system you need to begin or continue this very unique journey as a Scribe of the King.


Our APSOTS will help you:


  1. Understand who you are and WHY God put this gift inside you. The APSOTS fortifies present day scribes in their identities solely from a scriptural perspective. We unveil our heritage, identify our functions as set by God, and strip away misconceptions and misunderstandings that has separated us from the will of God.

  2. Grow and develop unhindered. In our scribe school, we value your individuality, creative and administrative uniqueness. There are NO CLONES HERE. We simply provide you with the information, revelation and tools necessary to fine tune your spiritual, scribal gifting. We offer a place of SAFETY & REST in the midst of teaching, training and mentorship that encourages you to unfold the mysteries of your calling. In the APSOTS, we generally connect with those who "don't quite fit" in other places and/or who are tired of the norm or the acceptable.
  3. Develop in the purity of the Gospel -- through accountability, integrity and truth.  Regardless of one's specific calling, we believe that it is paramount that all scribes pursue lives of sanctification, holiness and purity before God, and that our lives represent letters that are being read by others. In other words, we are daily continuing in our transformation as "scribes instructed" according to Matthew 13:52. Being an instructed scribe is what we call "The Scribal Anointing®." This instruction focuses on our heart toward God as it directly relates to our craft. We do this by assisting scribes with sharpening their discernment, meaning knowing what is the acceptable will of God for their specific journey.
  4. Identify strengths and weaknesses in the midst of your scribal ministry. Great healing comes to scribes who attend our school through their deliberate interactions with Holy Spirit! As the prophetic gift flows, the call for repentance and the clarity of God's voice resounds in their hearts. Our scribe school is SO VERY UNIQUE in that students gain a well-rounded, spiritual understanding and education concerning their gifting and call. Many students have testified that they have experienced a personal revival that is tangible and authentic in the midst of our courses.

  5. Appreciate the prophetic, not fear it. For those who are skeptical about the prophetic nature of God's people, our courses help bring valuable, simplistic understanding concerning what this means and how it is applied to our scribal ministries. The APSOTS provides an opportunity to explore the prophetic, as well as the apostolic with out fear.  

  6. Gain the confidence needed to walk fully in your authority as a scribe. In addition, students will expand their understanding of scribal ministry far, far beyond what is traditionally understood in the writing arena. They will uncover and embrace the weight, impact and significance of this unique call on their lives. They move from a place of seeing their gifting casually, to forming a clear picture of just how SERIOUS scribal ministry is to our Father in Heaven.

And this, friends, is why we believe you should become a part of our scribe school. We want to see you reach a fresh and new level of mastery in the midst of your calling and HIT THE TARGET. Many scribes have been on the outskirts and in the shallows of  their calling long enough. Heaven and earth has need of us. These courses are geared toward your personal development and strengthening in our faith and belief in Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah. your social media marketing partner
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